What is condoms? Kondom, condam, condem? how to choose a best condom in India

Indian condoms information online.

What is condoms? Kondom? Condam? Which one is corect?

What is condoms? Kondom? Condam? Which one is corect?

Which is correct? In India it is searched in various words.

  • Condom
  • Kondom
  • Condam
  • Condem

Condoms used at sex are searched in various words like kondom, condam, condem. CONDOM of a contraceptive device that prevents sperm from invading the vagina is correctly CONDOM. Condoms are being examined in India like this in various ways. The most common is CONDOM, the next is "KONDOM". Kondom says condoms in Indonesian and German. Pronunciation is similar and spelling is similar, so it seems that it often seems to be mistaken for Indian people to remember and search. Actually as search number kondom, condam, condem kondom is the most common among these three.

CONDAM will be spelled in Hindi. As a result, CONDAM searches are also more natural. In Hindi in India there are many cases that are also searched in the alphabet, which is a natural result. India is familiar with Hindi English as usual.

Although it is such CONDAM, in general, it is used as a contraceptive device all over the world although it is written that it is written as condoms, varying depending on the country and region. It is very easy to prevent contraception and infectious diseases, and it demonstrates high effectiveness. However, it is true that storage methods and low-quality condom still exist. Here, we will disseminate condom-related information such as information on various condoms, how to use, type, etc. and about a condom. It is Indian condom information site for safe sex with correct knowledge.

What is condoms History and Effect?

What is condoms History and Effect?

A condom is a thin sheath barrier device of contraception. A condom is used during the sexual intercourse to prevent unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted infection (STIs). Please refer to this article for side effects of condom. The condom is used for both males as well as female. The male can wear the condom on the penis during the sexual intercourse. A male condom is usually made of latex. There are also condom of safe materials other than latex such as polyurethane and polyisoprene. There is thinness and feeling of use as a difference of each material. Please refer to the type of condoms and thin condom articles.

The female condom is usually made of polyurethane. The female condom has a flexible ring at both the end. The one end of the female condom is closed and inserted into the vagina. And condoms are treated as medical items, so materials used in condom (latex) etc are used in medical field as well.

And if you ejaculate quickly you have a recommended condom. It can be solved here. for minute man condom. Condoms that can solve PE also exist.

Indian condoms

As Indian condoms, there are many condoms for Indian people, but the standard size of condoms in the world is slightly larger for Indian men. The same can be said of other Asians including Indians. The DULEX condom of world market share No. 1 is also a British company, but the size that is standard made is a little big.

In order to obtain the effect of contraception and prevention of venereal diseases, it is important for Indians to know the penis size of theirs and partners and choose the right condom. The risk of coming off a non-fitted condom rises and there is no meaning of condoms. In order to obtain the correct effect of condoms, you also need to learn how to use condoms that will not fail. If you use condom, what is a caution to corect usage best condom, this article may also be helpful. There is also the possibility of pregnancy even with a condom attached.

Contraception and condom ,Pregnancy even when wearing a condom?

Do not you think contraception is 100% if you use condoms? Actually the wearing is not correct, the failure rate is higher due to deterioration and dropout. In one study, the cause of the male failure in India is that the size of the condom does not match and the result of the study also comes out, so that HIV-infected people are expanding in India, which is a serious problem. It is caused by the fact that the condom circulating in India does not fit Indian male. Damage and failure of condoms are one of the causes of infection, but other Indian men are shy, so there are research results that tend not to prepare condoms.

However, nowadays the EC business is expanding in India and it is becoming common to purchase condom online. Therefore, it is easy to purchase condoms. Since various condom sizes are being sold, Indian men know the size of their penis and choose appropriate condoms will also lead to safe sex.

History of Condom

What is condoms? History and effect?

Around 3000BC, the first condom was used by Egyptian man. He uses the condom in the goat's intestine to protect from infection, bacteria etc. After that, in the 16th century, an Italian doctor "Fallopio" published a condom to prevent syphilis. He tries over the 1000 men to prove that the condom is effective. In the 18th century, Charles Geyer successfully produces the rubber condom. At that time the condom was very expensive. The rubber condom was available for 5 years. In India, a condom was introduced in the 19th century. But at that time condom was very expensive. In the 20th century, latex condom was developed. The latex condom is cost effective. When the condom is correctly used then it decreases the risk of HIV/AIDS, hepatitis B, trichomoniasis, gonorrhoea, chlamydia, HPV and many other sexually transmitted infection(STIs). It also helps to prevent unwanted pregnancy.

Difference of irritation by type of condoms that can be purchased in India?

Difference of irritation by type of condoms that can be purchased in India?

In India there are different types of condoms are available. The condoms are available in different style, colour, textures, lengths, widths, thickness etc. The couple can easily purchase the condom according to their choice. The most popular condom is latex condom. The latex condom is not very expensive so anyone can purchase it easily. Some of the people have latex allergies. The latex allergy includes a rash around the genitals, redness, blistering, itching etc. Sometimes people also feel cramps, hives, severe itching, rapid heartbeat, low blood pressure and breathing problem. If people feel these types of problem then immediately they should stop using the latex condom.

A non-latex condom is great for the people who have latex allergies. The notion - latex condom has different varieties. The irritation which occurs while using the non-latex condoms is dryness, shortness of breath, welts, eczema, burning, scaling, lesions of the skin etc. People can use any types of lubricant like water based and silicone based lubricant, with a non latex condom. The female condom is a condom which is used by a female. The female condom is also called insertable condom. Female condom also cause different types of irritation and allergy-like itching, redness, burning etc.

Proper use of condoms, for men, for ladies

Proper use of condoms, for men, for ladies

It is important for the men and women, to use the condom properly. Before using the condom, it is important for men to open the packet of condom properly. While opening the packet, do not scratch the condom. Most of the condoms are already lubricated, so you do not need to apply the extra lubricant. If a couple can want then they can apply the lubricant of their choice. If men are using the condom, then they should apply a little amount of lubricant on their penis to reduce the friction. The condoms have two sides so before putting the condom check the front and back side. Now place the condom over the tip of the penis and roll the condom down to the penis. If the condom does not get a roll, it means that you hold the condom in a wrong way. In this case, throw that condom and try with new one. After sexual activity, wrap the condom and throw it into the dustbin.

If the female is using the condom then first they should find the inner ring of the condom. The female should the condom properly. The female condom has two rings inner ring and outer ring. Close the inner ring and insert it into the vagina. While inserting make sure that the inner ring past the pubic bone. Leave the outer ring outside the vagina. After sexual intercourse, squeeze and twist the outer ring so that the semen does not come out. Slowly remove the condom by pulling gently.

What is the best condom?

What is the best condom?

There are different types of condoms are available. It depends on people which types of condom they used. Different people have a different choice. The latex condom is one of the best condoms. The latex condoms are flexible, thin sheaths and formed in the shape of a penis. A latex condom is type of a male condom. The latex condom is cost effective and widely available. Latex condoms help to prevent unwanted pregnancy and many STDs. If the latex condom is correctly used then the success rate is between 82% to 98%. To increase the success rate, you should check condom caution. The latex condom is very easy to use. The latex condom becomes most effective if you use the correct size of the condom. The another most common condoms are a flavoured condom with dotted. The flavoured condoms are available in different flavoured like strawberry, apple, chocolate etc. Most of the flavoured condoms are also available with dotted. The dotted condoms with flavoured increase the stimulation and provide more pleasant feeling during sexual intercourse.

What is condoms? Indian condoms information online

What is condoms? Indian condoms information online

I will describe a condom that is used for contraception during sexual activity and also for prevention of sexually transmitted diseases. There are various types of condoms which are generally disposable and most famous among contraceptive devices. The shape of the condom is very thin so as not to lose the sense of pleasure and it is made very strong so as not to tear. The basic shape is a dome shape and it is shaped to completely wrap around the penis. Depending on the product, things that fit the glans and various things that can be easily installed. It is diverse.

What is condom type?

What is condom type?

Currently used materials for condoms are latex, polyurethane and polyisoprene. And in recent years there are various condoms like 0.01 mm condoms and dots processing, coldness, warmth, flavored condoms etc. There are condoms suitable for different purposes such as sex, oral sex, wearing to sex toys, etc.

Kohinoor condom

Condom has various brands. Among them, very popular kohinoor condom. We will explain in detail the features and features of each company brand.

Latex condoms

Latex materials are the most widespread among the various condom materials. Condoms of latex material made from natural rubber have high adhesion, elasticity, and strength. Let's know the details of such latex condoms.

Ribbed condoms

Ribbed Condoms have dotted textures, and you can feel a stimulation that you do not feel in normal condoms. Please bring happy sex life with this condom bringing new stimulation to women.

Flavored condoms

There are many people who can not smell the rubber of the condom. So it is the appearance of flavored condoms. Fragrance is indispensable for sex toys such as various fruit scents and sweet chocolate. It is part of the atmosphere so it is very popular among women. If you have not used it yet ... there is value to know there.

Lubricated condoms

The lubricated condoms are still the name. Condom with lubricant. There may be gels and jellies that ease the pain of women. There are things with spermicide etc.

Thin condoms

Originally sex is not done with condoms. Human instinctive desire is sex without a condom. Therefore, even if the condom is thin, the one rubber becomes a wall, it becomes hard to feel the body temperature and the pleasant feeling decreases. So in recent years a very thin condom has been made. It is as thin as 0.01 mm, which is about as thin as not wearing a condom, is now the thinnest condoms.

Thick condoms

It is not only a thin condom being developed. There is also a demand for a thick condom. It is said to be premature ejaculation if you have time to ejaculate everyday. It is a condom that delays time to ejaculation by reducing pleasure by condom.

Small size condoms

The size of the penis is different for each person. It is necessary to stick to the size of the condom as the size of the clothes is different. Fitting condom doubles pleasure and can be relieved. Even if your penis size is smaller than the standard it does not have to be depressed. A small condom saves us.

Female condom

Do you know female condom? Condoms are not merely worn by men. A female is the main subject and controls pregnancy. It is a woman who is pregnant. There are pills and other methods of contraception, but the easiest thing is to purchase and stock the female condom. Risky sex with no condom is not fun.

Spermicide condom

Combination of spermicide and condoms increases the effectiveness of contraception. If you do not want to be pregnant absolutely you need to choose this condom. Risk of pregnancy is the risk of excluding sex. Even if sperm leaks from condoms, there is spermicide, which further reduces the risk.

Lubricated condom

Lubricated condoms are currently the mainstream type of condoms. Lubricant is already applied to the tip of the condom and it will support insertion. Condoms are made of latex, but it is a material that is more prone to friction than ordinary penis. It is recommended condoms for those who feel pain due to friction due to drying of the vagina.

How to choose condom?

How to choose condom?

Because the condoms are mainly made to match the average size of the penis, the standard size is written as M size. The diameter of the standard size penis is about 32 - 36 mm in size. When it is smaller than this size, it is S size, and when it is big it is often written such as L size. If you choose something that is 2 to 3 mm smaller than the actual diameter of the penis, I think that it is good to refer to the size as it can fit perfectly without gaps.

Penis size

The important thing when choosing a condom is my penis size. Knowing the standard penis size it is very important to know whether your penis size is S, M or L.

Condom size

What is the best size for me? Fitting a condom is a very important thing in sex. Let's say goodbye and uncomfortable feeling. You can find the best size here.

Condoms online

Online is best if you choose a condom. Choosing a condom at a shop is a useless act if it is from this current Internet society. The era of shopping while looking at the actual thing is over. The correct answer is to choose the right one for you from among a number of options within the Internet's EC site. You can choose anytime anywhere. And mostly because there are various types. Condom is prepared in advance. For a nice sex life let's find out the best condoms for yourself in advance.

How to use condoms

How to use condoms

Condoms may not be effective if you do not use condoms properly. If it is not attached correctly, sperm may leak, cracks may come in the condom, it may get torn or genital abnormality may occur. The contraceptive rate in a condom is said to be about 98%, but if you think about partner it is necessary for men to have solid knowledge. It also has a high effect on the prophylaxis of sexually transmitted diseases, but it does not make any sense if it breaks or comes off. It will be necessary to properly wear a condom for various prevention.

Condoms to be defeated

It is a correct choice to use contraception because you want contraception, but if you make a mistake in using it, it may result in contraception failure. What is the reason why condoms are broken? It may be an unexpected thing.

How to check safe condom

It is necessary to check it as a safe condom when using condoms. Is the condoms you are using safe?

Cause condoms feel that hurts?

Depending on how you use condoms, there may be pain, pain and pleasure are said to be inseparable, but you better not have pain.

How to deal with condom breakage

If you use a condom and the condom breaks. . . I do not want to think too much, but it is important to know in advance.

Why do we need condoms in Indian anal sex?

People who are interested in anal sex are a must-see. Do you think you need condoms for anal sex? Please check the details here.

How to properly dispose of used condoms?

Condom you used, how are you doing? Is there a way to correctly threw out and process it?

Condom Information

How to use condoms

Other information on condoms is introduced here. By properly learning condom it will be able to use correctly and bring it close to safe sex.

Do you prevent STD at dental dams?

Speaking of oral sex condoms is a dental dam. I will explain the unexpectedly unknown dental dam.

Can infection be prevented with AIDS, HIV and condom?

Is not AIDS or HIV the most known STDs (sexually transmitted disease)? This disease, how far do you know? What? Is it possible to prevent infection completely by properly using a condam?

What is the expiration date of condoms?

Well, have you been concerned about the expiration date of condoms? Although I do not check it much, the use of a deteriorated condom is very dangerous.

Allergic to condoms?

What is the contraceptive method you want people to know about condom rubber allergies?

Risks and side effects of condom

Are there side effects when using condom for men? What?